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Seinfeld and the changing face of Judaism

It goes something like this: “You’re Jewish?” The disbelief – accompanied by furrowed eyebrows – is often aimed at darker-skinned Jews with roots in Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Morocco, Senegal or another country that’s geographically disconnected from Europe. The impression that … Continue reading

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Wall: A Monologue

Wall: A Monologue – The New York Review of Books.        David Hare, the acclaimed playwright and screenwriter, visits Israel and the Palestinian territories to pen this essay. It’s actually a monologue that he performed on the London … Continue reading

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Peekaboo, I See You: Craigslist and the Dem

As more revelations emerge about the suspect in the Boston Craigslist killing, it’s worth underscoring a key element of the case: The video images and Internet trackings that caught Philip Markoff in his alleged web of crime. Surveillance is more … Continue reading

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Obama's 'Vietnam' is centered in Baghdad

Two months ago, Newsweek published a cover story titled “Obama’s Vietnam.” Afghanistan, the magazine argued, might be an unwinnable war that – like Vietnam – forces Washington into a deadly and embarrassing defeat. But it’s Iraq that’s likely to be … Continue reading

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Got $20,000? You Can Meet George Bush

This was the week that George W. Bush met in Texas with his former A-Team — Condoleezza Rice, et al. — to discuss politics and the world at large. On Tuesday, when Bush and Rice were on the campus of … Continue reading

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Obama comes out as a Muslim sympathizer

Even as Barack Obama attended Easter services at a church across from the White House, a new attack was made on the president’s religious identity – and whether he really is a cypto-Muslim. Andy Martin, the controversial executive editor for … Continue reading

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Piracy, Don Quixote, and the U.S. Marines

The African pirates wanted ransom – lots of it – if they going to release their Western captive, whose country was considered wealthy and willing to pay. In the case of Captain Richard Phillips, the United States faced a demand … Continue reading

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The N.Y. Times Makes a Fashion Boo-Boo

              “Offended” is too strong a word. How about “disappointed” or “mystified” or “flummoxed.” Yes, that’s it: Flummoxed. I’m flummoxed by The New York Times’ Style spread that features young Africans posing in colorful Western garb. … Continue reading

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Bin Laden: A Terrorist Who Drinks Coke

Hamid Mir is the only journalist to interview Osama bin Laden three times – and the only one to speak with him after 9/11. Mir, who is based in Pakistan, is an expert on al-Qaeda, Afghanistan, and the politics of … Continue reading

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