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The New Torture Photos From Abu Ghraib

The Abu Ghraib photos that Barack Obama is trying to suppress apparently show U.S. soldiers raping Iraqi prisoners, a British paper is reporting. The depicted sexual assaults — of a woman and a man — are in a batch of … Continue reading

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Dick Cheney is a literary lightweight

The news that Dick Cheney is shopping around a memoir, from which he’s hoping to get a multi-million-dollar contract, boggles the mind. Not the memoir part. That’s expected from a Washington insider who was a heartbeat away from the presidency. … Continue reading

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For Somalia, Chaos Breeds Religious War

For Somalia, Chaos Breeds Religious War –      The New York Times’ Jeffrey Gettleman is one of the few American reporters who regularly reports from Somalia. His latest dispatch is an eye-opener: Sufi scholars in the country have … Continue reading

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Pornography and the New York Times

She’s on a Greek island, overlooking an Orthodox monastery, but she’s not dressed for religious services. No church would let in a bra-less, shirt-less woman whose only clothing is a skimpy garment that barely covers her ass. What is it … Continue reading

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The Jews (and Sikhs and Christians) of Pakistan

They are a visible minority in Pakistan, one of many non-Muslim groups who’ve lived in the country for centuries. This week, though, because of fighting between the Taliban and Pakistan’s military, the Sikhs of Pakistan are fleeing their longtime homes … Continue reading

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Bush Should Return His $200,000 Pension

The economic crisis has collapsed the retirement accounts of millions of Americans, but one pension that’s guaranteed belongs to the Texan with the single-letter nickname: W. The nation’s 43rd president will, this year, collect almost $200,000 in retirement money – … Continue reading

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