Sarah Palin: Wicked wink of the West

Associated Press photo

Associated Press photo

In the magazine section of my local super-market yesterday, next to the Globe’s tabloid exclusive on George W. Bush (he may be suffering from Alzheimer’s disease) and the National Enquirer’s celebrity exclusive on Michael Jackson (his death was supposedly captured by a video camera), Time magazine offered its own exclusive – this one on Sarah Palin. Unlike the other two weeklies, Time broke no new ground on its cover subject. Its report was borderline hagiography – an exercise in flattering the soon-to-be-ex governor with sentences like: “Sarah Palin is that most exotic of American creatures: an Alaska original, raised and ripened in an environment remote, extreme, unfamiliar — and free.”

Among Republicans, a new Gallup poll says Palin is right behind Mitt Romney for the GOP’s 2012 presidential nomination, and actually leads Romney in the all-important category of “favorable ratings.” In spite of Palin’s sudden resignation, many Republicans enjoy her candor – or, rather, the perception that she’s candid – as well as her political intangibles. In today’s Wall Street Journal, a reader criticizes Peggy Noonan’s recent takedown of Palin, saying that the Alaska politician is a “true original.” The web site continues to draw fans who gush over Palin’s patriotism and politicking. Last October, after Palin’s televised debate, a female devotee defended the governor’s winking by saying, “As for the winking, etc., we should allow ourselves to be women. We are different from men and should embrace our differences.”

In her resignation announcement, Palin avoided winking, and maybe she’s dropped the habit for good. But old practices die hard, and of all the derisive nicknames (including “Failin’ Palin” and “The Shrilla From Wasilla”) that Palin generated since her ascension to the national stage, none would seem to fit her better than this: “The Wicked Wink of the West.”

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