Race in America: Does racism explain the ‘tenure shooting’ and Tea Party movement?

'Tenure shooter' Amy Bishop

Accused 'tenure shooter' Amy Bishop

In November of 2008, a prime debate was whether the United States – with Barack Obama’s election – lived in a post-racial society. Fifteen months later, the answer is a resounding, “hell, no.” The proof: last week’s shooting in Alabama, where a disgruntled white professor murdered three minority professors; and the growing success of the Tea Party movement, which is overwhelmingly white and increasing vocal in its violent dislike of the nation’s first black president.

As I write this, I’m looking at the faces of the victims in Friday’s “tenure shooting” at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Two of those who died – Adriel Johnson and Maria Ragland Davis – are African-American, while the third person who passed away, Gopi Padila, was born and raised in India. When I saw their photos for the first time a few hours ago (while perusing the New York Times), their race – and that of the accused shooter, Amy Bishop – was an instant wake-up call. Yes, Bishop may have been, in the words of a Boston Herald report, a “far-left political extremist who was ‘obsessed’ with President Obama,” but she may still have had issues with non-white people in authority. Only Bishop can really address this subject, but until then, the void is being filled with speculation — as in an opinion piece headlined, “Alabama Professor, Amy Bishop, Is A Racist Murderer.” In the piece, African-American commentator RK Byers points out the races of Bishop’s victims and asks:

One can imagine that as Amy Bishop continued to shoot, bomb and kill people with impunity, eventually this obsession (with Obama) might have played itself out with some horrific results.

The “results” that the Tea Party movement envisions include less government — and less of Obama. Much less. The movement wants to make him a one-term president, and it will do anything legally possible to accomplish that goal. The same New York Times that featured the faces of Bishop’s victims had an in-depth article on the Tea Party’s growing membership, which happens to be predominantly white. MSNBC host Keith Olbermann has repeatedly called the party “The Tea Klux Klan.” On Monday night, Olbermann — in a Special Comment called “Beware Fear’s Racist Temptation” — apologized for using such “incendiary” language, and then questioned the party’s members directly, suggesting they were being consciously or unconsciously racist in their virulent anti-Obama stance:

Ask yourself, when you next go to a Tea Party rally, or watch one on television or listen to a politician or a commentator praise these things or merely treat them as if it was just a coincidence that they are virtually segregated. Ask yourself: Where are the black faces? Who am I marching with? What are we afraid of? And if it really is only a President’s policy and not his skin, ask yourself one final question: Why are you surrounded by the largest crowd you will ever again see in your life that consists of nothing but people who look exactly like you?

The New York Times didn’t address the issue of the Tea Party’s white makeup, but the article did describe the movement’s geographical connection, in Idaho, to the white supremacists Richard Girnt Butler and Randy Weaver. The article also sussed out the gun-oriented tendencies of some of the movement’s high-profile supporters, such as Indiana senatorial candidate Richard Behney, who told Tea Party enthusiasts that he’d take up firearms if this year’s mid-term elections were unfavorable. “I’m cleaning my guns,” he reportedly said, “and getting ready for the big show. And I’m serious about that, and I bet you are, too.”

Frightening. Behney’s remarks don’t reflect the sentiments on all Tea Party members. Nor does Bishop’s shooting spree mean that race is a factor whenever a white professor gets disgruntled by a tenure process overseen by minority administrators. One thing is certain, though: As we enter the second year of Obama’s presidency, the continuing economic squeeze is causing people to act in ways they could never have imagined when Obama took his oath of office under the banner of “hope” and “change” for the better.

(Author’s note: An earlier version of this posting said it was Roland Martin who wrote the opinion piece, “Alabama Professor, Amy Bishop, Is A Racist Murderer.” That was incorrect. The author of the opinion piece is RK Byers, as is noted above.)

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58 Responses to Race in America: Does racism explain the ‘tenure shooting’ and Tea Party movement?

  1. jodi23 says:

    Amy Bishop is not racist. Why would anyone suggest such foolishness. Amy Bishop a Harvard Doctorate with IQ 160 was being judged negatively out of jealously from lesser educated peers. The Chair received a doctorate from a state school but had over 90 publications and voted to tenure Amy Bishop. Marie Davis, also a doctorate from a state school (NC) and her husband said she told him that Amy, “not being able to deal with reality” and “not as good as she thought she was.” ……….Marie voted against Amy and yet Marie is clearly not in Amy’s league.

    A white professor sits in hospital in critical condition. The meeting dispute had nothing to do with race.

    As for the Tea Party group………….seems to me to be the same as the group of Obama followers that were drinking his kool aid…….just folks that do not think for themselves and instead follow a crowd….but I do not see any more racist behavior here that I saw with the non white grass root group that iniatially backed Obama over the far more qualified Hillary Clinton.

    • Firstly, let me ask this: How do you know that Amy Bishop isn’t a racist? As of now, there’s no clear-cut evidence that she is or isn’t. As I noted in my original posting, only Bishop can fully address the issue of race in the shooting. On the issue of the Tea Party movement: The New York Times article on them detailed the allure for people — many of whom are suffering from job losses and other economic realities. Desperation breeds desperate responses. The Times’ article quoted a mixed-race woman who said she’d be frightened to go to a Tea Party rally. There are many other things that hint at the possible racial divide evident in the Tea Party movement.

      • Facebook User says:

        Um, again. She was a huge Obama supporter and committed leftist.

        Perhaps you should do some research before accusing anyone of racism.

      • chuckles48 says:

        Allow me to point out that you are proceeding from false assumptions. “How do you know that Amy Bishop isn’t a racist?” How do I know that you don’t abuse your wife? That’s basically the question you’ve asked.

        As for the Tea Party comments – using the NYT article (which comes from a paper that’s not reporting, but taken a polemical political position on the TP movement already) to justify your stance is akin to asking Pravda for rational reporting on Wall Street financial issues.

      • bigbaldron says:

        I thought ‘journalism’ was the reporting of the facts at hand. You have absolutely no tangible proof that this crazy lady is a racist. In fact, you ignore the very real evidence that she practically worships Obama. How do you suppose to support a theory that somebody secretly hates minorities when she was outspoken about her admiration for the President?

        As for the Tea Party movement, can you please tell me about which Tea Party protest you attended. I mean, you talk as if you are an absolute expert on the goings on of a Tea Party gathering, so surely you’ve been to one.

        The fact is, the Tea Party I was at (St Louis) was attended by people who identified with the Democratic Party, the GOP, Constitution Party, Libertarians, and a few other less known political parties. There were white people, African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and a few I couldn’t identify by using the “eyeball test”. They were there protesting the government’s spending. Many held signs talking about how Congress needed to be replaced, how they felt betrayed. I ask you, would a group of racists really be wanting an overthrow of the “old white man network” that has a strangle hold on Congress?

        It’s convenient for Keith Olbermann to make fun of the movement (although curiously, I don’t know any minorities on MSNBC) since he, and I assume you, never bothered to take the time to attend a rally, go to a meeting, or talk to a protester to ask what they were actually upset about.

        Not to mention, the Tea Party movement has been co-op’d by the very right fringe of the GOP. It’s not what it was less than a year ago.
        Take a look at the “racist” tea party speakers.

      • “Firstly, let me ask this: How do you know that Amy Bishop isn’t a racist?”

        For that matter, how do I know that she isn’t the devil incarnate or the anti-Christ? It’s up to you to make the case; not ask us to prove a negative.

      • teaparty says:

        First, the NYT on tea parties is NOT a credible source and second, the fact that they could get one mixed race woman to say she would be afraid to attend a tea party is no wonder since the woman has likely been listening to bogus news outlets and trumped up baseless articles like this one.

        I have never heard anyone of any race say they were afraid to attend a tea party — unless it was fear of earning a beating from the LEFT as many have!

  2. wareagle07 says:

    This is not about racism. Two of the professors who are in critical condition at Huntsville Hospital are white. According to reports, there were 6 people at the meeting. Ms. Bishop systematically starting shooting people on one side of the table and wanted to shoot the rest but her gun jammed. In fact, she aimed her gun at another white person and pulled the trigger, but the gun did not fire. Please research more before jumping to conclusions. This is not about racism. It’s about an evil person. By the way, she murdered her brother 20 years ago…he too was white. This article is embarrassing.

    • There’s no question that accused killer Amy Bishop is a disturbed person who’s prone to extreme behavior. Where does race fit into that picture? It’s undoubtedly complicated. Bishop herself may never have articulated her racial views in public — but in her life’s most heinous act, she brutally shot to death three minority faculty members, then (as you point out) aimed her gun at another white person. She’s an equal-opportunity killer. This is a fact. Yes, the brother she shot as a teenager was white. But the racial makeup of her worst victims is worth discussing. As more details emerge, it will be worth more discussion and reflection.

      • wareagle07 says:

        It is by pure chance that two of the victims that died are minorities. Two other white victims are still listed as critical in the hospital. One is in neuro intensive care. This means he was shot in the head. Her intent was to kill him and to kill every other faculty member at that meeting.

  3. uahstudent says:

    I am a UAH Biology student and made this account just to tell you how disgusting this article is. To use this unbelievable tragedy as a tool to push your own agenda against the Tea Party movement is blatantly inappropriate and offensive. I knew the shooter, the victims, and the tenure situation personally, and this attack was NOT about racism (she’s a minority herself – Jewish), and certainly had NOTHING to do with the Tea Party movement. This article is intellectually dishonest and succeeds at nothing by trivializing the death of my teachers and colleagues. You should be ashamed.

    • I’m definitely not ashamed to raise issues that — it turns out — other people are raising, too. As I wrote in the posting, Bishop herself can only address the issues of her shooting and vengeance. It’s true that other victims in her spree are white, but the fact is that those she killed were minorities. The first person she murdered was the chair from India, then two African-American colleagues. Then she took aim at the others. it would be irresponsible of me NOT to look at the bigger picture of the incident, and to point out the possible connection to the Tea Party movement.

      • uahstudent says:

        My entire community is in mourning here. We have been massively devastated by this event. And you can believe that we have analyzed this situation from all possible angles, including not only information gleaned from news stories, but from personal experience with the shooter as well. We blame Amy Bishop, and Amy Bishop only. Trying to pass any blame whatsoever onto the Tea Party movement seems pretty absurd to us. And it’s very hurtful to us when we see that our tragedy has been twisted and manipulated by so many into something that it is not. This is not about national politics. It is about Amy Bishop taking a gun and methodically executing our colleagues. She did not execute them for Obama, for the Tea Party movement or for anyone or anything other than herself. She is responsible. Not Tea-partiers, or Republicans or Democrats or anyone else. You are entitled to your opinion, I’d just like to share with you my opinion – that dragging your dislike of the Tea Party movement into this only serves to cheapen and politicize the deaths of three beautiful people. And I won’t be responding anymore, because I don’t want to debate anything here. I just want to express how those closest to this tragedy feel. Thank you for reading my comment, and responding. I appreciate you at least listening. I realize that I cannot expect you to know how those of us who were directly affected feel. And that’s all.

      • Thanks for your follow-up comment. I’d just like to add one more thing: In my posting, I didn’t say that the Tea Party movement was in any way responsible for — or had somehow influenced — the Alabama shooting. I linked it to the Tea Party movement only in the sense that race MAY be an issue in both instances.

      • clairejansz says:

        Now you are backpedaling. You said two comments above “and to point out the possible connection to the Tea Party movement.”
        You are pointing out a connection, not a coincidence.

      • boyydz says:

        This reply simply makes no sense in the context of the comment to which it presumably replies. Your “issue” is nothing but conjecture supported by no evidence whatsoever, and you are turning your head away from the fact that this shooter is clearly a person whose behavioral tendencies are toward violence when frustrated who shot whites as well as minorities. Now you actually suggest that she picked the minority victims out for her first shots? What you should be ashamed of is this kind of irresponsible speculation and making tenuous connections to movements that have nothing to do with the shooter whatsoever. Work on shedding light rather than generating heat if you want to do service to others.

        It’s fascinating to me how you can rationalize this kind of irrational spouting in terms of “looking at the big picture”! The chances that Bishop was linked to the Tea Party movement are virtually zero given her known politics. Linking speculation to smear is not exercising responsibility – it is exactly the opposite.

      • ceol says:

        The “bigger picture”, aka, the picture your ideology desperately needs to promote.. of course you’re not ashamed, you have no more respect for the lives lost, the children who’ve lost their parents, than Amy Bishop did.

        You put me in mind of an adjunct who taught a class I took, Laura Khoury, who ended up losing her position after being caught lying and abusing/persecuting students who dared challenge her lies.

        Of course you’re looking to exploit this crime, this tragedy to attack the tea party movement, you find a true grassroots movement inconvenient, because it shows up your elitist, grasstops movement for what it is.

  4. jodi23 says:

    The Amy Bishop shootings do not have anything to do with racism but more lkely have to do with Amy’s belief that the others judging her for tenure were not brilliant enough to be judging someone of her brilliance. Perhaps this shooting has to do with her belief that she was “better than” her peers but not because of her skin color……….because of her brain power.

    • I’d agree that Bishop was probably angry at people she believed weren’t as smart as she. Many people being judged have felt similarly. I still say the question of race is an important one to consider in the shooting.

  5. thelastbrainleft says:

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    Feb. 17 2010 – 12:48 am | 1,054 views | 0 recommendations | 7 comments
    Race in America: Does racism explain the ‘tenure shooting’ and Tea Party movement?
    ‘Tenure shooter’ Amy Bishop

    Accused ‘tenure shooter’ Amy Bishop

    In November of 2008, a prime debate was whether the United States – with Barack Obama’s election – lived in a post-racial society. Fifteen months later, the answer is a resounding, “hell, no.” The proof: last week’s shooting in Alabama, where a disgruntled white professor murdered three minority professors; and the growing success of the Tea Party movement, which is overwhelmingly white and increasing vocal in its violent dislike of the nation’s first black president.

    As I write this, I’m looking at the faces of the victims in Friday’s “tenure shooting” at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Two of those who died – Adriel Johnson and Maria Ragland Davis – are African-American, while the third person who passed away, Gopi Padila, was born and raised in India. When I saw their photos for the first time a few hours ago (while perusing the New York Times), their race – and that of the accused shooter, Amy Bishop – was an instant wake-up call.”

    That tells us a lot more about you than it does about Bishop. You’re the one who seems obsessed with race here. Of course, the analogy of the Tea Party Movement would make more sense if there were little or no minority representation in their ranks. Anyone who does not rely on MSNBC knows that people of all colors, ethnicities and religions are part of this movement.

    • “Obsessed” would be much too strong a word. The practice of journalism is the practice of observing and articulating a thought-out comment. As for the Tea Party movement’s makeup: It’s not just MSNBC that’s pointed out the mainly white membership. In the New York Times article that I cite in my posting, there are two specific references to the white membership of the movement. The online slide show that accompanies the article (you can find it here: http://www.nytimes.com/slideshow/2010/02/15/us/politics/20100208TEAPARTY_index.html) also points to the movement’s predominantly white makeup.

      • Facebook User says:

        America itself is primarily white. So?

        The NFL is primarily black. The NAACP is primarily black. Asians are primarily conservative…

        Stop seperating people. Your racism is showing.

      • Facebook User says:

        If you want the full story, I would not ever use the NYTimes as a source. You might as well go to Olberman for all your news.

      • clairejansz says:

        If 10% of the country is black, and 90% of them voted for Obama, then at most, you would expect only 1% of Tea Partiers to be black. 10 in a crowd of 1000 people. That you don’t see many attending is not surprising.

  6. kellyrichards says:

    Wow! You looked at the pictures of the victims and determined that she was a racist? Good thing you are not seated on any criminal juries, because your powers of observation seem to end at picture books. Then you assail another member’s comment with “how do you know she was not a racist.” Talk about guilty until proven innocent! You realize, of course, that she killed her brother years ago — was that racist too? No, he was white, so it had to be an occasion of “white guilt.” Or maybe your powers of deduction will persuade you that there was incest involved. Who cares about digging for facts or actually performing any analysis when your view of the world is “only skin deep.” If you’re going to write something for this site, put some effort into it, please.

    On a similar note, the term “African American” is another demonstration of willful ignorance. Not all black people are from Africa, and some take offense to being lumped together for the sake of feigned political correctness.


    • I respectfully disagree with your statement, “The term ‘African American’ is another demonstration of willful ignorance.” While there’s certainly debate within the African American community about what designation to use, “African American” is the generally accepted designation. As for finding Amy Bishop guilty of racism — my posting raises the issue of racism rather than coming to a sweeping conclusion that she is.

      • kellyrichards says:

        So there is no debate outside the black community? Or is it just a debate with black people who are actually from Africa? What about folks from Antigua or Montserrat – do they not have a say in the “debate.”

        And what do you mean by “the generally accepted designation.” Generally accepted by who? What group are you observing when you make this “general,” “sweeping conclusion” that “African American” is the proper vernacular?

        And why is this not applied to “white people,” or “Asian people?” Do they not deserve the same treatment? Why not Irish American, Canadian American, French American, Japanese American, or Chinese American? Why the special treatment?

        The reasons are made clear by the mere appearance of your “article.” It is pure rabble-rousing and self aggrandizing at the expense of the black community. To even suggest racism in this case is not only intellectually dishonest, as was pointed out by another member, but it does a disservice to true race issues that exist in today’s society. You selfishly cry wolf to gain attention for your article, and by doing so you sacrifice the integrity of the issue. You ignore the facts and abandon common sense in an attempt to appear concerned about race issues, but manufacturing a racial issue where there clearly is none is nothing less than shameful Jonathan. This is not journalism, despite your self-described credentials. This is not even a credible observation that may raise people’s awareness.

        Respectfully, you must have a better, plausible angle on this event, or at least have something better to write about. In the very least, if race is your agenda, don’t try and force a square peg into a round hole just for the sake of throwing it out there.


      • Facebook User says:

        Jonathan is a racist. He sees people in groups and cannot help but seperate people. That’s why his ignorance is showing in this post. “Generally accepted” by him and people like him, I guess.

  7. stewartiii says:

    Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion: Inevitable “Tea Party” and “Amy Bishop” Link Attempt

  8. stewartiii says:

    Michelle Malkin: The most convoluted Tea Party=RAAACIST smear ever

  9. Facebook User says:

    Umm… Jonathan.

    Maybe you missed it… she was a huge Obama supporter. Duh.

    Maybe before smearing the entire Tea Party as racists, you should get some facts. I know lefties don’t care much about that and just like to jump to conclusions… but here you go:

    From the Boston Herald: “A family source said Bishop, a mother of four children – the youngest a third-grade boy – was a far-left political extremist who was “obsessed” with President Obama to the point of being off-putting.”

    Sorry.. no Tea Bags here.
    Perhaps a retraction/correction/apology is in order?

    I thought not.

    • Facebook User says:

      I am sure no correction/apology is coming…
      you’ll do what all lefties do when caught trying to tie a group with something unrelated to stir up racism fears…

      You’ll just say: “No, I wasn’t trying to tie the Tea Party with Amy Bishop, nor suggest that they are truly all racists… I just wanted to being that topic to a discussion.”

      In other words, you want to smear the Tea Party as racist (LOL by using an Obama supporter) and then claim that nope… you weren’t trying to do that, no really… just wanted to bring up interesting points.

      We know what you were trying to do. It’s what the left does. And then denies it.

      Down deep, you know you were trying to tie the Tea Party with racism. Period. One day, maybe you’ll have the courage to admit it. I doubt it.

    • In my posting, I made note of the Boston Herald report. As I’ve noted in other replies, I never said the Tea Party movement was connected to the Alabama shooting. No retraction or correction is needed. Looking back at my posting, I think it’s a fair assessment. If anything, I’d change the headline, which doesn’t completely reflect the piece. A better headline might be: Race in America: Does racism HELP explain the ‘tenure shooting’ and Tea Party movement? The “help” suggests part of something larger — not the sole factor of either. The question mark, which is part of the original headline, definitely reflects the tone of my posting.

      • Facebook User says:

        Again… here you are tying them together.
        “‘tenure shooting’ AND Tea Party movement”

        How do you think people read that?

        There is only one way… the Tea Party is racist… look! here’s an example!

        Your first paragraph itself ties the two together… in ONE sentence.

        Either you are being honest, but are poor at writing… or you’re lying (like I believe) and you’re using the excuse I said you would in another reply. In fact… read what I said you would say… then read what you said. Match? Oh yes.

  10. Facebook User says:

    Amy Bishop was an Obama supporter and committed leftist according to her family.

  11. leeonious says:

    Ready Set Hike, how can I get attention today. I know I’ll attach one of the liberal ISMS to someone I disagree with to try to shut them up. Sure worked for Rosie & that other talentless wimmin, LOL

    Racism in America exist in the minds of people like you. Once examined closely the ivory towers ,from which your peers preach are speciously absent of minorities. RACISM and all the ISMs you can attach demean the HEAVY LIFTING the real people that actually accomplished the REAL SOCIETY we live in. The Tea Party is the latest BOOGIE man that does not agree with you. Totalitarian liberalism is the MAIN ISM INTOLERANCE in society today sir.

    Your initial postulation has now been joined with successive postulations of rationalization. Empirically leaving you looking like a three legged cat trying to bury its alimentary canal byproduct in a sandbox filled with hot sad.


  12. chuckles48 says:

    Two thoughts:

    First, as others have pointed out, there’s no real evidence that Amy Bishop was racist. She tried, with malice aforethought, to kill _every person in the room_. So she is an equal opportunity killer. If anything, the only “racial” angle in this is that the university, via EEOC channels, does not reflect the racial composition of the surrounding community, and thus is “racist” in its selections. I would prefer to think that they pick the best people for the position, and are thus race-blind, but, well… you’re the one who threw the “racist” card, Jonathan. So expect to have it thrown back in your face.

    Second, and I guess you really need to have the obvious pointed out, Amy Bishop has exactly nothing to do with the Tea Party movement. Her political beliefs are polar opposites. So your pathetic attempt to link her to the Tea Partiers frankly reflects nothing except your own demonization and hatred of people you disagree with. And to use such a pathetic method of doing so… well, let’s just say it does you little-to-no credit.

    So, to sum up:
    (a) the racist in the room is you Jonathan, and nobody else.
    (b) your attempt at slander is disgusting.

    Even if you don’t have the guts to look your own racism squarely in the eye, at least have the decency to apologize to the Tea Partiers for your insults and slander.

  13. ceol says:

    Frankly, you make specious arguments that you would single others out for being racist were the particulars otherwise. Let’s do some plain speaking, shall we? The poster boy of the left, Che Guevara was a racist, he despised black people, just as he despised most people, but he singled them out publically, because his Hispanic culture is a racist culture (it did invent the trans-Atlantic slave trade after committing genocide against the native peoples of Mexico, Central and South America). The legacies of the left’s ideology, Marxism have committed the most foul genocides and slaughters of untold millions of innocent people in just the previous century, in fact they slaughtered more people in their “the ends justify the means” governments, than all the wars in the entire history of the world combined. The left’s legacy is of violence, depravity and corruption. Yet you are too cowardly to even admit it, and seek to blame the acts of one of your own, on a movement of average American citizens, who do happen to be black and brown as well as white, who do happen to be democrat and independent as well as conservative, because you desperately need to defame those who are speaking out in support (as the constitution affords them the right to do) of the constitution, their rights, liberties and freedoms, their right to control their lives, defend themselves against totalitarianism, their very right to remove a corrupt government, as again the constitution affords them the right to do.

    Face it, you’ve constructed a straw man argument so as to attack the tea party movement, and it’s a weak one at that. Firstly, Amy Bishop was a lifelong, committed leftist. Prior to the story expanding in the media, one could find references to her comments in the UAH college paper, where she promoted support for policies intended in the leftist power structure on campus’s opinion to promote “social justice” and diversity, for example the school’s unpopular plan to force all freshman and sophmore students to live on campus. She was such a devotee of Barack Obama, that she attacked anyone who didn’t tow his line. She comes from a politically connected left wing family, and she was involved in activities on campus at Northeastern and later Harvard that emulated the activism of Ayers and Dohrn.. speaking of which, have you written any articles attacking Bernadine Dohrn for her racism? After all, that left wing doyenne, created a three fingered (in reference to the fork used to stab 2 of the victims) salute in homage to the Manson murders, murders committed as part of Manson’s left wing plan in the hopes the murders would be blamed on black Americans, to foment a race war, she thought that concept was “wild”, just as her idol Karl Marx, the original advocate for Manson’s depraved dream, would have.

    The rabid, hyper violent advocacy of so many on the left is on full display across the ‘net. Far from being a movement for “peace”, rabid leftists scream for slaughter and ethnic cleansing. I’ve seen videos of leftists calling for the slaughter of Jews in Israel, who have violently attacked elderly American citizens, black, brown and white in Los Angeles at a Marcus Garvey rally (hint, hint, the victims were protesting against the ethnic cleansing of black Americans in Los Angeles by illegal alien gangs, the leftists were counter protestors) and much more. Left wing bloggers ranting in support of Obama policies that erode freedoms that they would have despised under Bush.

    Everything I’ve read on the subject documents that Bishop blamed the tenure board for being “discriminatory”, she had filed an EEOC complaint claiming gender discrimination. She seemed to have the typical left wing sense of entitlement to steam roll over anyone and everything that was inconvenient to her, though she obviously hadn’t been as skilled as hiding it, as so many of the rest had been in the past.. then again, she didn’t seem to exhibit any of these tendencies until she started as a university student at the very left wing institutions, Northeastern and Harvard. Perhaps it was all that steeping in the twisted, moral relativism of cultural Marxism???

    Back to the tea party movement. I’m a former liberal democrat who could no longer deny that the democrat party had regressed to it’s shameful former status as the party of Jim Crow and slavery, and re-affiliated to independent. I’ve quite a few tea party protests, 2 in Michigan, where I made the rounds to learn if there were others like me there. I spoke with black Americans who had traveled to Lansing to join in, because they felt that Stabenow & Levin, and the dem representatives (including members of the CBC) were not representing them, and were fed up with their lives, and that of their children’s being destroyed. I’ve attended a few here in New England, as well, and I can proudly inform you that they are far more diverse than the left wing ivory tower circle jerks you participate in.

  14. boyydz says:

    What?? A white professor – apparently notably disturbed and violent her entire adult life – shoots minority colleagues to death, and the possible racism shown links her to the Tea Party movement? Despite her apparent love of Obama and big government, which is the absolute antithesis of the Tea Party movement?

    There is absolutely no evidence that the Tea Party movement is racist in any way. The fact that most of its participants are white does not make it racist. Such claims are nothing more than smears by opponents of its anti-left, anti-big government perspective.

    Futhermore, one event does not a pattern make, especially when related to an obviously disturbed individual such as Dr. Bishop. It is more sensible to link Dr. Bishop’s rampage to other disturbed individuals running amok on college campuses than it is to link her to racism-motivated killers. It seems highly unlikely that Bishop could hate African-Americans if she is an Obama supporter. It seems far more likely that Bishop became angry at being refused tenure and snapped, killing those upon whom she placed blame (or perhaps those whom were simply unlucky enough to be in her line of fire!)

    The author’s decision to quote one of America’s most incendiary commntators, Keith Olbermann, causes a tremendous drain of credibility to this article. Furthermore, here are the answers to Mr. Olbermann’s questions:

    1. “Where are the black faces?” Answer: I don’t know, but the fact that blacks might, en masse, tend not to agree with me does not make me a racist. It is possible to have ideological differences that coincidentally divide along racial lines that have nothing to do with race. To claim “de facto racism” is nothing more than a smear. Either show some substance to your argument, or please stop the hot air.

    2. “Who [sic] am I marching with?” Answer: With people who are opposed to big government like I am. I’d be happy to have any other like-minded people of any race or ethnicity right next to me.

    3. “What are we afraid of?” Answer: We are afraid of increasing government spending that will put our children’s and grandchildren’s economic futures at risk ON OUR WATCH. We view the Obama administration’s long-term budget and see a lack of sustainability of the course of action toward which he and his ideological ilk are guiding our nation. We see a diminished economic future for all Americans down this path – no matter what their race or ethnicity.

    4. “Why are you surrounded by the largest crowd you will ever again see in your life that consists of nothing but people who look exactly like you?” Answer: Again, why the obsession with race? I imagine that 99.9% of Tea Party participants would be delighted to see a tremendous turnout of like-minded racial and ethnic minority Americans. The burden of proof of the contrary is on the movement’s opponents. A lack of participation by minorities does not constitute a prima face case of racism. This is simple logic.

    “Behney’s remarks don’t reflect the sentiments on all Tea Party members.” Indeed – in fact, they present no indication of the Tea Party movement’s views at all. There are extremists in every large group of people, and the Tea Party movement is no exception. Are we to interpret the entire Democratic Congressional caucus based on the outlandish comments of Rep. Grayson (who falsely claimed that the GOP health care plan is that sick people should die quickly)? Any suggestion that Tea Partiers have any violent revolutionary intent solely due to the comments of a few related extremists is irresponsible and lacking in logic.

  15. aloysiusmiller says:

    Actually it is more likely that liberal Amy Bishop was disturbed that the people that she and other liberals have patronized for so many years would have the temerity to be opposed to her indisputable intellectual superiority. Most white intellectuals feel this way but not as many are as insane as Amy Bishop who felt a paranoid sort of betrayal. Lesson to blacks–do not bite the liberal hand that feeds you.

  16. tonytoca says:

    Since she may have links to the Tea Party Movement, maybe Ms. Bishop killed that Census worker in Kentucky too.

  17. clairejansz says:

    Wait- So the Tea Party’s magical powers are making lefties pick up guns now? I thought she was obsessed with the O from a lefty viewpoint, no?

    • Facebook User says:

      You know people like the author (Jonathan). Anybody who murders must be a crazy wight-winger. Nevermind terrorists like Bill Ayers, we’re talking crazy righties.

      So funny how the author wants to see her as a tea party babe so bad, he’s tying together an Obama supporter and leftist to the Tea Party.

      That’s not grasping at straws… that’s full-fledged insanity.

  18. scottinphx says:

    Thats a pretty pathetic attempt to smear a group of people with the actions of another.

    Have we entered a ‘post-racial’ society?

    Not as long as “liberals” keep playing the race card on anyone who disagrees with policies.

    You want to call tea-partiers racist, then give examples of that.

    Using your standards we can conclude that Obama supportors are homicidal maniacs, but hey, at least they are not racist since she killed/wonded both white and ‘persons of color’.

    You want to talk about bigoted people? How about discussing Obama’s “bitter-clinger” remark (and the general bigotry of the intellectual “chattering class” to gun-owners specifically) or his comments about the arrest of Henry Louis Gates as being an example of the shamefull legacy of racism in America (not his exact words but that was what he implied). Thats a pretty bigoted statement to assume the white cop acted out of racial animus even though Showbama admitted he didn’t have any of the facts regarding the arrest.

    But I keep forgetting, only whites can be bigoted.

    Maybe we just don’t like Obama because he is a flaming Marxist.

  19. Facebook User says:

    Is a white immigrant from Africa an African American?

  20. Facebook User says:

    Jonathan… sorry, but we have to call you out on this.

    Of course, you are going to say you’re not tying the Tea Party with the shooting… of course that’s what you will say.

    Yet, you do tie them together.

    “but she may still have had issues with non-white people in authority.” LOL. She’s an Obama supporter, but has problems with minorities in power? Only a true oxymoron has more conflict.

    You say you’re not tying the Tea Party and Conservatives to the shooting, but we know you are.

    We are here and watching. We will not let lefties like yourself pull this crap anymore. The rise of talk radio, web news and the fall of the MSM is proof that you can no longer do this with impunity.

    I know you are a racist (OMG, just read some of your past writings) and yes, we know you ARE trying to tie the shooter with the Tea Party.

    Name me ANY violence at a tea party rally. ANY!? I can name dozens of violent acts that were made against tea party activists. Including a damn figer being bitten off. Yet, with NO evidence, you suggest that because the tea party is mainly white, they MUST be violent… this shooter “may” be an example.

    You can lie and lie and lie… but we’ll keep calling you out.

  21. Facebook User says:

    “The New York Times didn’t address the issue of the Tea Party’s white makeup, but the article did describe the movement’s geographical connection, in Idaho, to the white supremacists”

    And I won’t mention the Democrat party’s ties to the KKK. With a surviving Grand Kleagle STILL SERVING in the Senate.

    So… since there’s a “former” KKK member in the Senate and a Democrat, they must all be racists right?

    Hey… same logic. Democrat = Racist. It must be because there are KKK members who are Democrats.


  22. Jonathan, judging by the truths spoken above, it would behoove you to eat humble pie, as you’ve been thoroughly discredited. If the owners of the Truth/Slant had any integrity, they’d insist that you apologize to the readers or ban you from further posting. Your critics are right. What you’ve done is reprehensible; what has been know for two centuries as yellow journalism.

  23. Remember mate, never to step on your pizzle wearing football cleats.

  24. Pingback: People are just CRAZY!; Dr. Amy Bishop and Joseph Andrew Stack « Northern Thoughts And Reflections

  25. rolandsmartin says:

    You need to run a correction. I DID NOT write a column with regards to the shooting in Alabama. I have not given interviews on this story and have not commented on it on TV or radio.

    We post articles and columns written about the shooting. You need to doublecheck your sources on this. My suggestion is you find the post, look at the bottom for “click here to read the rest of the story…” and go from there.

    I expect to see this removed by the morning.

  26. ceol says:

    I know the leftist extremes need to promote the teaparty movement as being racist, because they, like all despots need to discredit what they can not honestly debate on. Now, I can’t bring them to a teaparty protest, but I can share a video put together to make a point that it’s not a whites only movement: http://www.youtube.com/v/PcsnWLLdl70

  27. kipplingrhodes says:

    I am disturbed by the idea that this Amy Bishop incident is somehow racial hatred. She was obsessed with Obama…so why would someone obsessed with Obama try to target 3 professors of African and Indian heritage, and bring a couple of white professors along for the ride? You are way off base, Jonathan. The answer to your question “how does race figure into this?” is simple: it doesn’t.

    Secondly, this Tea Party movement is far from racist. That Obama is a mixed race president (why does everyone refuse to call him what he is? Mixed race!) with an African father isn’t the reason the Tea Partiers distrust him. I really think those who want to defend Obama immediately run to the race card for maximum effect, but that is a tactic to change constructive discourse. Obama has earned distrust because he is a radical leftist with seriously dubious ties to unsavory characters. This unites the right wing against against him.

    Does anyone on the left consider how Obama became a Senator and a president? How many white people were boosters of this man throughout his adult life? More white people voted for Obama than black people. It’s simply a fact. Race is still a factor in our country, but our fellow rational-thinking citizens are not out burning crosses and wearing sheets. They want a bold, intelligent, honest, hard-working, freedom-loving president regardless of his (or her) color.

    The Tea Party would like Obama removed from office because of his socialist policies, not because of the color of his skin. The more we focus on his skin, the more distracted we are from government control of Healthcare, student lending, energy, automobile manufacturing, banks & lending, insurance compamies, etc. etc.

    Please, leave the race discussion for some silly class in a major university, where people pay big money to naval gaze. In the meantime, let’s focus on what Obama (and more importantly, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Barbara Mikulski, etc) is DOING to us, rather than his race.

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