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King Tut exhibit reveals the up-and-down life of an inbred boy king

“Come closer. Come closer.” The docent was encouraging visitors to crowd into the first room of the King Tut Exhibit, where a video on the famous royal was about to begin. Seconds later, the lights went out, and on came … Continue reading

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Why the U.S. Census still uses the term ‘Negro’

For years, Malcolm X criticized white-Americans as “blue-eyed devils,” but when he went on a pilgrimage to Mecca – and saw Muslims of all different races, including white – he changed his views about skin color. The question of who … Continue reading

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I look like a liberal – but on this day, I said ‘no’ to the liberal cause

Out with my eight-year-old son at a basketball court in the park, we were having a great time — he shooting baskets, me rebounding the shots — when a stranger interrupted our fun. I could see him out of the … Continue reading

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Jerry Brown, the once (and future?) Democratic savior, reaches anew for higher office

The last time Jerry Brown had a sustained national audience, it was the winter and spring of 1992, when he challenged Bill Clinton for the Democrats’ presidential nomination. Much has changed in those two decades, but Brown – a former … Continue reading

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News = Entertainment. Entertainment = News.

Those who know Chris Hedges’ work (I’m now reading his “Empire of Illusion: The End of Literarcy and the Triumph of Spectacle”) welcomed his newest rant – this one at Truthdig, where he argues that Americans no longer value the … Continue reading

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