Only in San Francisco: ‘Liberal hate note’ is put on SUV’s windshield

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Walking to the post office earlier today, I came across an SUV that had been ticketed for parking in a street-cleaning zone. Nothing unusual about that. But on the other side of the windshield flapped a big piece of paper with the headline, “Oh No! A Fu–ing Ticket!” That was unusual – enough for me to read the note myself, which said as follows:

“It’s not just a ticket.

Consider this:

When you leave your car in a street sweeper zone, the garbage that is under your car stays on the street all week.

In effect, you contribute to the ugliness of the world.

You make San Francisco ugly and dirty.

Your lack of responsibility is one more tiny part of The Problem.

Wake up.

Assume some responsibility for your role in the world.

Mama’s not here to wipe your ass.

You are responsible for your car.”

Whoever left the note didn’t leave a signature. Nor an email address. Nor any other way to contact him/her. Nope. Just the darkly-humorous invective on a white piece of paper, meant to change the thinking of the SUV owner. Obese cars aren’t welcome in San Francisco. Their fuel-inefficiency, their contribution to global warming, is an affront to everything San Francisco stands for. Do they warrant the aforementioned “liberal hate note”? Let’s say this: It’s not just San Francisco where SUVs are vehicles non grata. Signing out of my email tonight, I was greeted by a series of news and feature-story headlines, including this one: “Big, bad SUVs might be on the outs with most Americans, but the utility vehicle is far from dead, as consumers usher in the era of the crossover.” The “crossover” is a kind of “car-based utility vehicle” – i.e., a small-sized SUV. Stay tuned. In San Francisco, these kinds of automobiles will be targeted just like the SUV near my neighborhood post office. It’s another “only in San Francisco” phenomenon.

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15 Responses to Only in San Francisco: ‘Liberal hate note’ is put on SUV’s windshield

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  3. Thomas Medlicott says:

    There was a kid in SoCal who blew up a Hummer lot a few years ago. I wonder how its working out for him in federal prison. My brother-in-law drives a Prius, but when he needs to move furniture, or anything big and heavy, he comes to me for my F-250. Not financially viable for most Americans to sell the vehicles they’re married to for hybrids, electric, or alternative energy cars and trucks. I drive a Tundra pickup currently – very smooth ride. The Smart Car looks like instant death to me. San Francisco is a “different” place anyways. The herpes capital of N. America. Tom Medlicott

    • Not sure about San Francisco being the herpes capital of the world, but there is always something interesting going on here — including cars. I agree that the “Smart car” is scary. I wouldn’t get in one except if it were parked.

  4. “Liberal”? I thought personal responsibility was the conservative’s shtick. The note doesn’t seem to have anything at all to do with the kind of car it is; how did you get the idea that this note “targeted” an SUV, instead of targeting a car whose neglectful owner had failed to obey street-sweeping ordinances?

  5. bobshanbrom says:

    I saw a Prius the other day with a bumpersticker that said, “Fuck SUV owners.” I’m thinking of getting a fendersticker for my e-bicycle, which I use to substitute about 100 miles a week of car travel: “Fuck Prius drivers.”

  6. undrgrndgirl says:

    where in the note did it say ANYTHING about the offending car itself? it didn’t – pure conjecture on the part of the author…i’d hope that whoever put the note on the car for violating the street-sweeping ordinance would have put it on ANY vehicle…including a prius…

  7. leonkelly says:

    My family is catholic. That pisses a lot of people off. We found hate tickets on cars in Indianapolis (while attending the Indy 500) that claimed that the catholic church was some giant organization founded in evil and all that crazy stuff. The letter was from a intolerant protestant organization. Kooks do this for various reasons in various parts of the world. Is this a great country or what?

  8. Glad its only in San Fran, in the midwest that would earn you a crippling beat down. Buy what you want and drive what you want. Think what you want however, don’t even think you may share your opinion with me or touch my vehicle.

  9. jake brodsky says:

    Cities like San Fransisco don’t like SUVs? Well, even if that could be discerned from the note (I’m not exactly sure how that is the case), people with cars are beginning to shun the cities that can’t support them.

    In effect, the cities can become car free zones for all most suburban drivers care. Except for office space, economic production has moved out of the centers of most cities. They don’t matter as much any more. In fact, very few cities maintain any industrial production areas at all.

    Enjoy life in the center of the city as a starving artist or while wearing a suit. For better or for worse, the rest of society has gone on to other places.

  10. johngrant says:

    If only this were a new phenom. Before I moved to LA I lived in greater Boston and my SUV would frequently get “ticketed” parked in Cambridge. There was (is?) a very organized group “ticketing” SUV?s with official looking violation tags.

    An aside; The Boston Globe regularly published editorials lambasting SUVs and their owners. As my Globe was delivered every morning from the window of an SUV I did the only logical thing, I canceled my subscription.

  11. bulletproofair says:

    Liberal? Where are you getting this? I believe you’re assuming here…

    It’s unfortunate that in order to care for our environment, we also have to be politically aligned with “liberal” ideologies…

    It was probably just a pissed-off street sweeper who decided this SUV was going to be an example…

    It’s assumptions and generalizations like this that make general debate and reasonable discourse unlikely.

    Assigning the label “liberal” to those who care about the environment just makes it so that nobody else will consider what they have to say as valid, solely because they disagree with the label that precedes.

    And finally, do you disagree with the note?

    It’s actually factually correct…nothing partisan about it….

  12. Bill McClure says:

    That note sounds like it would have been put on a smart car if it was parked there. It’s a note about keeping the streets clean on a car illegally parked in a street-cleaning zone. How did you jump from that to suv hate? I’m not a liberal but I think the note is funny. I’d laugh if I got it.

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