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On Christmas eve, a time to ask: Did Jesus resemble bin Laden?

In April, a man named Craig went onto Yahoo’s “Answers” page and posed a provocative question: Did Jesus look like Osama bin Laden? One reader denounced the idea, calling Craig “racist,” and asking, “Are you saying that just because (Jesus) … Continue reading

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Who speaks for Islam? Meet an actor, L.A. writer, and other smart (and funny) Muslims

Muslim people don’t laugh – at least not on most American TV shows, movies, and news programs, which focus excessively on Muslims who plot violence, talk about violence, or are somehow touched by the threat of violence. Maz Jobrani, the … Continue reading

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Did the Founding Fathers hate Muslims?

What better time than July 4 to be reminded that some Americans – a fanatical fringe, really – distrust Muslims, want them to leave the United States, feel they don’t belong here. In the last 24 hours, we’ve seen a … Continue reading

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The Jews (and Sikhs and Christians) of Pakistan

They are a visible minority in Pakistan, one of many non-Muslim groups who’ve lived in the country for centuries. This week, though, because of fighting between the Taliban and Pakistan’s military, the Sikhs of Pakistan are fleeing their longtime homes … Continue reading

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Seinfeld and the changing face of Judaism

It goes something like this: “You’re Jewish?” The disbelief – accompanied by furrowed eyebrows – is often aimed at darker-skinned Jews with roots in Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Morocco, Senegal or another country that’s geographically disconnected from Europe. The impression that … Continue reading

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Obama comes out as a Muslim sympathizer

Even as Barack Obama attended Easter services at a church across from the White House, a new attack was made on the president’s religious identity – and whether he really is a cypto-Muslim. Andy Martin, the controversial executive editor for … Continue reading

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The War of Words Over Muslim Head Scarves

     The pattern is always the same: A media outlet profiles a woman in a Muslim head scarf, prompting scorn from readers/viewers/listeners who say the woman is (select one) oppressed; depressed; betraying Western values by wearing her covered hair … Continue reading

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