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My True/Slant Blog Posts

From March of 2009 to July of 2010, I wrote more than 100 blog posts for True/, a news venture that featured select journalists, authors and pundits from around the United States. My blog was titled ‘Round the World We … Continue reading

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Is the fist-bump a 'low-class' gesture?

Barack Obama does it. So does Michael Jordan and Pat Buchanan and Georgia State Troopers and the Dalai Lama and Barbara Walters. Even Bill O’Reilly approves of it. The fist bump. Who wouldn’t like this quintessentially American way of greeting another … Continue reading

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Money and fame are never enough: One lesson of LeBron James' loss to Celtics

$21,000 an hour. That’s what Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James makes on the basketball court in salary. Endorsement money takes his income to a stratospheric level: According to one calculation, he makes more than $40 million a year, meaning James … Continue reading

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Only in San Francisco: ‘Liberal hate note’ is put on SUV’s windshield

Walking to the post office earlier today, I came across an SUV that had been ticketed for parking in a street-cleaning zone. Nothing unusual about that. But on the other side of the windshield flapped a big piece of paper … Continue reading

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Why the U.S. Census still uses the term ‘Negro’

For years, Malcolm X criticized white-Americans as “blue-eyed devils,” but when he went on a pilgrimage to Mecca – and saw Muslims of all different races, including white – he changed his views about skin color. The question of who … Continue reading

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Mark McGwire has his Nixon moment

Let me tell you my Mark McGwire story: It’s April of 1997, and McGwire is playing for the Oakland A’s baseball team. His arms are big. His salary is big. His ego is big. Twice in two days, I visited … Continue reading

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