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Sad but true: Americans know little about the war in Afghanistan

June was another brutal month in Afghanistan. More than 100 soldiers lost their lives. Scores of Afghan civilians were killed. A country that has seen war and bloodshed for almost 10 years is still no closer to peace, despite billions … Continue reading

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Why some Taliban media reports from Pakistan may be dubious at best

One of the thrills of teaching journalism at a university (I’ve taught at UCLA and Pakistan’s Punjab University) is seeing your students graduate and do articles on weighty subjects. Farooq Sulehria, a former student who now lives in Sweden, sent … Continue reading

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Pakistan before the Taliban: A photographic journey

The first in a series of ‘round-the-world photo essays that will also spotlight Iran, Iraq, Syria, North Africa, West Africa, Europe, and other destinations He looked to be nine years old, and in the middle of a Pakistani park, in … Continue reading

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The Jews (and Sikhs and Christians) of Pakistan

They are a visible minority in Pakistan, one of many non-Muslim groups who’ve lived in the country for centuries. This week, though, because of fighting between the Taliban and Pakistan’s military, the Sikhs of Pakistan are fleeing their longtime homes … Continue reading

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