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Jerry Brown, the once (and future?) Democratic savior, reaches anew for higher office

The last time Jerry Brown had a sustained national audience, it was the winter and spring of 1992, when he challenged Bill Clinton for the Democrats’ presidential nomination. Much has changed in those two decades, but Brown – a former … Continue reading

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Tiger Woods’ free-fall has a big silver lining

As my eight-year-old son and I navigated the checkout counter at a supermarket yesterday, he looked at the nearby magazines – including People (“Tiger In Trouble”), Us (“Yes, He Cheated”), and Star (“What Really Happened! Insider Tiger’s Troubled Marriage”) – … Continue reading

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Political sex scandals: Why Edwards and Schwarzenegger are one and the same

Even as John Edwards finally admits he fathered his mistress’ child, analysts have already settled on who’s to blame – Edwards for trying so long to hide his involvement with Rielle Hunter (see here); Hunter for being “a slut” who … Continue reading

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For Kim Jong-Il, it's all about his maniacal ego

North Korea’s pardoning of two U.S. journalists is a coup for Bill Clinton — and Kim Jong-Il, who (much to his delight) has the world’s spotlight back on him. Kim gets to show that he’s a humanitarian, and that he … Continue reading

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Bush Should Return His $200,000 Pension

The economic crisis has collapsed the retirement accounts of millions of Americans, but one pension that’s guaranteed belongs to the Texan with the single-letter nickname: W. The nation’s 43rd president will, this year, collect almost $200,000 in retirement money – … Continue reading

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Got $20,000? You Can Meet George Bush

This was the week that George W. Bush met in Texas with his former A-Team — Condoleezza Rice, et al. — to discuss politics and the world at large. On Tuesday, when Bush and Rice were on the campus of … Continue reading

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The Skinny on Ann Coulter

    Have you seen Ann Coulter’s latest black eyes? They’re not on her but on the people she hates the most: Liberals. With her newest mein kampfian tome, “Guilty,” Coulter has swung her metaphorical fists of fury at the … Continue reading

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