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R.I.P. Tony Blair

The cameras recorded Tony Blair’s obituary yesterday. Blair didn’t die physically (he looks perfectly healthy), but his reputation took a final, precipitous plunge into nothingness. Ten years ago, Blair was one of the world’s foremost political leaders – a British … Continue reading

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George W. Bush smiles a lot in his new job: Motivational speaker

Maybe this was the job that George W. Bush should have had all along: Motivational speaker. The former president took the stage yesterday in Fort Worth, Texas, where he tried to inspire thousands of screaming people, many of whom paid … Continue reading

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Images of war dead: Why don’t Americans see more?

The photo shows a U.S. Marine on the brink of death in Afghanistan. Blood and flesh are visible, with the Marine’s face half-way buried in mud and dirt. A photographer for the Associated Press took the image, which the news … Continue reading

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Robert McNamara: reluctant anti-war activist

During the run-up to the Iraq War, Robert McNamara never joined an anti-war protest, never went on CNN to voice his displeasure at George W. Bush. That wasn’t McNamara’s style. But he did announce his views on conflict in general, … Continue reading

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Obama's 'Vietnam' is centered in Baghdad

Two months ago, Newsweek published a cover story titled “Obama’s Vietnam.” Afghanistan, the magazine argued, might be an unwinnable war that – like Vietnam – forces Washington into a deadly and embarrassing defeat. But it’s Iraq that’s likely to be … Continue reading

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Troops Home Now? Maybe in 2050

  Two days before Barack Obama’s historic inauguration, a small newspaper in Palm Springs, Calif., interviewed kids about their expectations, and two respondents – an 8-year-old girl named Jenna Jensen, and a 14-year-old named Summer Salinas – said Obama would … Continue reading

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