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The Muslim cleric who condemned 9/11: A recollection of Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah

Two months after 9/11, I was in a Beirut hotel when my telephone rang. It was Hezbollah calling. I had given them my room number earlier in the week, and they were finally contacting me, to arrange an interview with … Continue reading

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Despite flotilla deaths, peace in the Holy Land is still in view

They floated along Israel’s coastline, then came ashore – and when members of the PLO’s Fatah faction were through, more than 20 Israelis (including children) had been killed. Days later, Israeli troops entered Lebanon in what the New York Times … Continue reading

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Why isn’t the ‘Prince of Persia’ a real Persian?

It’s impossible to avoid trailers for the film “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time,” which have even appeared embedded in ABC-TV’s coverage of the NBA playoffs. Those who’ve missed the trailer can watch it below, and when you do, … Continue reading

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Why many Arab-Americans don’t consider themselves ‘white’

This is the week that Americans are supposed to have turned in their Census questionnaire. The form takes just a few minutes to fill out, but for many Arab-Americans, one Census question has given them pause: “What is (your) race?” … Continue reading

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An American in Iran: Photos reveal a country of martyrdom and merriment

The third in a series of ‘round-the-world photo essays (the first two, on Pakistan, are here and here) that will also spotlight Iraq, Syria, North Africa, West Africa, Europe, and other destinations. In the months after 9/11, I interviewed a … Continue reading

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On Christmas eve, a time to ask: Did Jesus resemble bin Laden?

In April, a man named Craig went onto Yahoo’s “Answers” page and posed a provocative question: Did Jesus look like Osama bin Laden? One reader denounced the idea, calling Craig “racist,” and asking, “Are you saying that just because (Jesus) … Continue reading

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On streets of Iran, art and graffiti are signs of social protest

Located next to a Tehran walkway, the stickers show images that are antithetical to Iran’s clerical regime. One shows a three-breasted woman in a bikini. Another shows a young man in a leather jacket holding a sign that says, “Peace.” … Continue reading

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