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The Muslim cleric who condemned 9/11: A recollection of Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah

Two months after 9/11, I was in a Beirut hotel when my telephone rang. It was Hezbollah calling. I had given them my room number earlier in the week, and they were finally contacting me, to arrange an interview with … Continue reading

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An American in Iran: Photos reveal a country of martyrdom and merriment

The third in a series of ‘round-the-world photo essays (the first two, on Pakistan, are here and here) that will also spotlight Iraq, Syria, North Africa, West Africa, Europe, and other destinations. In the months after 9/11, I interviewed a … Continue reading

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What would Khomeini do? God willing, he’d protest

On the streets of Tehran, Iranians were demonstrating en masse against their government. In retaliation, Iran’s armed forces were killing and maiming them – prompting the protesters’ spokesman to say that mass demonstrations would continue indefinitely. “Whenever (government) repression is … Continue reading

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