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For Kim Jong-Il, it's all about his maniacal ego

North Korea’s pardoning of two U.S. journalists is a coup for Bill Clinton — and Kim Jong-Il, who (much to his delight) has the world’s spotlight back on him. Kim gets to show that he’s a humanitarian, and that he … Continue reading

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Obama’s Africa trip – racial stereotypes, and thoughts of Palin/McCain

Barack Obama’s visit to Ghana inspired an outpouring of media coverage – and a backlash from those who believe Africa is undeserving of such attention. Here’s a comment posted on ABC News’ web site by an person called “SJ”: “I … Continue reading

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Jesse Jackson (still) has a credibility problem

Three years ago, Ebony magazine published a story whose headline captured the sentiment of many people: “Does the Rev. Jesse Jackson Still Matter?” Jackson thinks he does, and he’s been barnstorming Michigan to rally people in the wake of General … Continue reading

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Obama's 'Vietnam' is centered in Baghdad

Two months ago, Newsweek published a cover story titled “Obama’s Vietnam.” Afghanistan, the magazine argued, might be an unwinnable war that – like Vietnam – forces Washington into a deadly and embarrassing defeat. But it’s Iraq that’s likely to be … Continue reading

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Troops Home Now? Maybe in 2050

  Two days before Barack Obama’s historic inauguration, a small newspaper in Palm Springs, Calif., interviewed kids about their expectations, and two respondents – an 8-year-old girl named Jenna Jensen, and a 14-year-old named Summer Salinas – said Obama would … Continue reading

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