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What just might happen if Obama loses in 2012

Less than four months from now, the mid-term elections will determine if the Democrats lose control of the Senate and their ability to set the national agenda. The November balloting will also lay the foundation for President Obama’s next two … Continue reading

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George W. Bush smiles a lot in his new job: Motivational speaker

Maybe this was the job that George W. Bush should have had all along: Motivational speaker. The former president took the stage yesterday in Fort Worth, Texas, where he tried to inspire thousands of screaming people, many of whom paid … Continue reading

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Dear Republicans: Reagan would have applauded Obama’s Nobel

Nice to know that the Republicans’ most vocal pundits have retreated to the position they know best: Cynicism. Minutes after the Nobel Committee announced that President Obama had won its annual Peace Prize Award, a phalanx of conservative suits – … Continue reading

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Racists and Obama: It started with McCain's campaign in 2008

In his book, “Gook: John McCain’s Racism and Why It Matters,” author Irwin A. Tang details the long arc of McCain’s antipathy toward people of color. One example: For 30 years, McCain was unrepentant about using the word “gook” to … Continue reading

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Obama’s Africa trip – racial stereotypes, and thoughts of Palin/McCain

Barack Obama’s visit to Ghana inspired an outpouring of media coverage – and a backlash from those who believe Africa is undeserving of such attention. Here’s a comment posted on ABC News’ web site by an person called “SJ”: “I … Continue reading

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Obama comes out as a Muslim sympathizer

Even as Barack Obama attended Easter services at a church across from the White House, a new attack was made on the president’s religious identity – and whether he really is a cypto-Muslim. Andy Martin, the controversial executive editor for … Continue reading

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