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The literary musings of Libya’s Qaddafi: fiction, essays and even humor

Tomorrow marks the 40th anniversary of the coup that brought Muammar Qaddafi to power, and while Libya is having a colossal party (“the mother of all celebrations” according to one description), many in the West are rueing Qaddafi’s staying power. … Continue reading

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NBC's "Wanted" program: In pursuit of ratings, pursuing a genocide figure

The New Republic has a must-read article on “The Wanted” — NBC’s controversial docudrama series, which goes after suspected terrorists and war figures. Written by journalist Andrew Rice, the article is an in-depth account that focuses on Leopold Munyakazi, an … Continue reading

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Dick Cheney should be watching HBO

We know that Dick Cheney enjoys television (at least when he’s on) and we can only hope he gets HBO – not because of the therapist series “In Treatment” or Larry David’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” No. The former vice president … Continue reading

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Lockerbie bomber and George W. Bush: Heroes to some, enemies to others

From thousands of miles away they came to cheer their hero – to wave flags, to shout their encouragement, to show they were proud of him, even as many around the world thought this “hero” was a murderer who was … Continue reading

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Political sex scandals: Why Edwards and Schwarzenegger are one and the same

Even as John Edwards finally admits he fathered his mistress’ child, analysts have already settled on who’s to blame – Edwards for trying so long to hide his involvement with Rielle Hunter (see here); Hunter for being “a slut” who … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton in Africa: Good TV, bad diplomacy

Last night around midnight California time, the most popular story on CNN was Hillary Clinton’s diplomatic faux pas in Africa. You know, the press conference in Kinshasa where she glared at a questioner for apparently asking what Bill – not … Continue reading

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For Kim Jong-Il, it's all about his maniacal ego

North Korea’s pardoning of two U.S. journalists is a coup for Bill Clinton — and Kim Jong-Il, who (much to his delight) has the world’s spotlight back on him. Kim gets to show that he’s a humanitarian, and that he … Continue reading

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