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How to solve the Israeli-Palestinian question: A talk with Naim Ateek

Israel’s settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, on land it captured in 1967, are a major impediment to peace with Palestinians, according to both Israelis and Palestinians. So far, the Netanyahu government has rebuffed the White House’s directives … Continue reading

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'In the Loop': New film channels the dark side of Henry Kissinger

“In the Loop,” a darkly funny satire of war planning by the U.S. and British governments, is the “Dr. Strangelove” of our time – a brilliant fictional account that will have audiences guessing which screwed-up character is based on which … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin: Wicked wink of the West

In the magazine section of my local super-market yesterday, next to the Globe’s tabloid exclusive on George W. Bush (he may be suffering from Alzheimer’s disease) and the National Enquirer’s celebrity exclusive on Michael Jackson (his death was supposedly captured by a … Continue reading

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Obama’s Africa trip – racial stereotypes, and thoughts of Palin/McCain

Barack Obama’s visit to Ghana inspired an outpouring of media coverage – and a backlash from those who believe Africa is undeserving of such attention. Here’s a comment posted on ABC News’ web site by an person called “SJ”: “I … Continue reading

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Robert McNamara: reluctant anti-war activist

During the run-up to the Iraq War, Robert McNamara never joined an anti-war protest, never went on CNN to voice his displeasure at George W. Bush. That wasn’t McNamara’s style. But he did announce his views on conflict in general, … Continue reading

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Did the Founding Fathers hate Muslims?

What better time than July 4 to be reminded that some Americans – a fanatical fringe, really – distrust Muslims, want them to leave the United States, feel they don’t belong here. In the last 24 hours, we’ve seen a … Continue reading

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Don't feel sorry for Sarah Palin

She is the Dan Quayle of her time – a political lightweight who was plucked from relative obscurity to be the fresh face of the Republican Party, only to become a laughing stock instead. Quayle couldn’t spell, couldn’t articulate a … Continue reading

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