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Nuclear nightmare: North Korean despot loves Godzilla films

In the pantheon of despotic leaders, no one was more evil than Hitler (who killed more than 10 million people), no one more depraved than Idi Amin (who bragged about tasting human blood, and who said human flesh was “too … Continue reading

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For Somalia, Chaos Breeds Religious War

For Somalia, Chaos Breeds Religious War –      The New York Times’ Jeffrey Gettleman is one of the few American reporters who regularly reports from Somalia. His latest dispatch is an eye-opener: Sufi scholars in the country have … Continue reading

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Obama's 'Vietnam' is centered in Baghdad

Two months ago, Newsweek published a cover story titled “Obama’s Vietnam.” Afghanistan, the magazine argued, might be an unwinnable war that – like Vietnam – forces Washington into a deadly and embarrassing defeat. But it’s Iraq that’s likely to be … Continue reading

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Piracy, Don Quixote, and the U.S. Marines

The African pirates wanted ransom – lots of it – if they going to release their Western captive, whose country was considered wealthy and willing to pay. In the case of Captain Richard Phillips, the United States faced a demand … Continue reading

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Bin Laden: A Terrorist Who Drinks Coke

Hamid Mir is the only journalist to interview Osama bin Laden three times – and the only one to speak with him after 9/11. Mir, who is based in Pakistan, is an expert on al-Qaeda, Afghanistan, and the politics of … Continue reading

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